Coming Soon!  FLOWERS 02

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Now in post-production!  The sequel to Phil Stevens' 2015 art-house horror hit, FLOWERS!  The first victim is on a quest for revenge as the serial killer Exile's reign of terror is brought to a terrifying and explosive end!

Again written, produced and directed by Phil Stevens, Borderline Cinema is proud to present


Coming in early 2020

Now available:  SINISTRE Director's Final Cut

"..transcends its budget, is intelligent and still brings on the red stuff in buckets."  -Goregsmic Cinema

Exclusively from BORDERLINE CINEMA & director/editor Ronnie Sortor, the revised, re-edited, remastered, restored & re-scored  SINISTRE DVD is now available!  Featuring new footage shot especially for this release, new sound design and an amazing score by FLOWERS & LUNG composer, Mark Kueffner.  Extras include commentaries and a vintage short film. 

For more information, see the SINISTRE page, read blog  posts from Director/Editor Ronnie Sortor and follow the SINISTRE Facebook page.. 

Now available:  LUNG

"Literally and emotionally the darkest film I will ever make."

From FLOWERS director Phil Stevens, another  surreal experience with nightmarish imagery and no dialog.  LUNG  was shot in black & white with a minimal cast & crew.  Special effects by Marcus Koch (AMERICAN GUINEA PIG)  The LUNG DVD will feature the original film, LUNG II as well as an alternate version comprised of deleted scenes that we called LUNG ONE.  Other extra features in this 2-disc package will include commentaries, "Second Wind" the making-of documentary, short films and more!  Available on Amazon and  Grindhouse Video.

For more information, see the blog  posts from editor Ronnie Sortor and follow the LUNG II Facebook page.. 


FLOWERS has been released by distributor, Unearthed Films!  Two versions are available, a single-disc edition with two commentaries, an interview with actor Bryant W. Lohr Sr., audition tape of Makaria Tsapatoris, behind-the-scenes still gallery, isolated sound fx track and the Unearthed trailer reel.  The three-disc limited edition includes a CD of the orginal score by Mark Kueffner and a bonus DVD with the feature-length documentary, FLORAVISION: The Making of FLOWERS, deleted scenes with two commentaries, storyboard featurette with optional director's commentary, Phil Stevens short films, "Kiss Me Whore" parts 1 and 2, plus everything in the single-disc edition!  Now available on Amazon!

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